What you'll learn?

  • Checking the intending installation site.
  • The gas connection and supply pipes
  • Securing the appliance correctly
  • Ventilation requirements
  • Flueing requirements
  • Tightness testing
  • Operating pressures
  • Commissioning and testing the appliance
  • Other ‘site specific’ checks and tests


HTR1, Domestic Gas Fires & Wall Heaters, covers what you’ll need to know in order to safely install, service and repair domestic gas fires & wall heaters.

HTR1 training is normally completed within half a day.

Please also note that since April 2012 CPA1, Flue gas analysers, are also a mandatory requirement, linked in with HTR1 training & assessment.


  • Domestic Gas Fires & Wall Heaters - HTR1


Total: 1 day(s)

  • Assessment 1 day(s)

    Practical assessment